How to add an item to Cartoonists Shop?

Here is a tutorial for you, how to add an item properly. Please see the first image with numbers and read the description below.


Add item

Add Item

1. Image  Add a preview image with Cartoonists Shop watermark. Just click on the upload icon and select a file from your computer. *Required

Never add a big size image as a preview. And the Image has to be with Cartoonists Shop watermark. Download Cartoonists Shop Watermark before you start. Click here to download.

2. Name Add a title of your artwork.
If it is a caricature, then write the person name. If it is a cartoon, then write the name of your cartoon. *Required

3. Images If it is an E-book or service then you can add additional preview images by clicking on the upload icon. It is not compulsory.

4. Category – Select a category from the drop-down menu. *Required

5. Tags Add up to 3 tags/ keyword. *Required

6. Regular Price Set the regular price of your artwork. Only need if you sell your artwork at the lower price in any occasion.

7. Sale Price Set sale price. The price people will pay for the artworks. *Required

8. File Upload the file that you want to sell. It can be jpg, jpeg, png, psd, pdf, or zip file. *Required, if you are selling downloadable artwork. 

9. Dimensions – Dimensions are the length and width of a digital image. Write your file dimensions. *Required, if you are selling downloadable artwork. 

Ex. 2000 x 3000, or 1500 x 2500.

10. Download Limit Set a download limit for your artwork. Otherwise, it going to set unlimited by default. *Required, if you are selling downloadable artwork. 

11. Dots per inch (DPI) – Set the DPI information of your artwork. *Required, if you are selling downloadable artwork. 
Ex. 100, 300 or 600

12. File Type Select one option (jpg, jpeg, png, psd, pdf, or zip) from the drop-down menu. *Required, if you are selling downloadable artwork. 

13. Licence Select a license from the drop-down menu. *Required

14. Media Select the media type of your artwork from the drop-down menu. *Required

15. Size – Enter the size of your artwork (Size in Kilobyte or Megabyte). *Required
Ex. 990 KB, 2 MB

16. Description as a description write minimum 30 words about your artwork. *Required

17. Submit for Review One you are done with above all, then click the Submit for Review button. *Required

Once you submitted then we will review your artworks and will publish it within 48 hours.


Please see the preview below

Add item

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