Use Referrals program and earn 10% commission per sale


We are glad to let you know that Cartoonist Shop just released Referrals program!
You can sign-up for a Cartoonist Shop Referrals account. 


Get 10% Commission per sale

Using this program, You’ll earn a 10% commission on every client you refer to Cartoonist Shop.

We’re excited to make this available to you all. We see potential use cases if you are interested to earn some extra money. You can use your referral link and earn money on each sale through your referral link. Bloggers and influencers can also heavily benefit from this.

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Referrals analytics

Once you shared your referrals link on the website or on the social network. Then you will able to see, how many people click on the link and how many people order through your links.
My Earnings page will display your earnings.

What you can earn - let’s do a quick math:

– You refer 10 users that sign-up and buy artworks of $100.
– Each month, based on those 10 users referred, you’ll earn 10% of $1,000.
– If you keep the same referral rate every year you will get $1000 the first year (so it will be $2000 the second year)

HOW Does referrals program work?

Use link on your website or share with friends

User clicks on the link and buy our artwork

You earn 10% commission per purchase